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We are a new age business, working across timezones and in an agile and flat way.

We work across a diverse range of industries and departments and no matter what role you are applying for we are looking for people who thrive in being proactive in applying what they have learnt from past experiences to new jobs. We all love tackling hard to explain concepts and simplifying the process and are always looking for other likeminded people to join our team.
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A brief description of what we are looking for in a UI/UX and design team member

We’re looking for a designer who is proud of their digital craft. You should be confident and experienced with designing interfaces in Sketch, with the necessary problem-solving skills to make sure everything works as well as it looks.
You fully know your way around Sketch
You have an eye for detail and what’s trendy (and tacky) in the design world
You can demonstrate the 2 points above with a portfolio
You have at least a couple of years experience with an agency or a product (and can show us what you’ve done in that time)
You understand as a designer that there are many solutions to a problem, not just your own
You love data and understand first and foremost we explain complicated concepts in a visual way
A brief description of what we are looking for in a development member of the team

We’re looking for people who can bring a design to life on the frontend who are also robust with backend technologies. If you write clean code and are familiar with using Sketch (or working with a designer who uses Sketch), we’d love to chat.
You understand clients and designers don't know the same languages as you and you are patient and pragmatic in explaining solutions
You write clean markup
You use modern CSS frameworks (e.g. Sass, Bourbon, Neat)
You use gulp.js
You know that no-one uses Bootstrap anymore
You like consistency Angular / ReactA portfolio 
You have a passion for custom data visulisation and process digitisation

You write node packages in your spare time or have other proactive pursuits to stay top of your game
You have some shiny pens on Codepen.io
You have your own side projects (which we might be able to help you grow)
What is a professional win you are most proud of and that you think will help the Visual Metrics team?

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Looking at our portfolio - which project would you most have liked to be on?

We would love to know what makes you tick - how you would like to spend your work day and whether you see ways to up sell
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